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Certificate explanations

U - Can be read by anyone
PG - References to Adult themes
15 - Adult themes/strong language
18 - Not for the easily shocked

Title Author Cert


Six Degrees of Separation Various U
Four of the sites authors combine to write a series of linked stories based on the theory of Six Degrees of Separation. Featured authors are Ralph Booth, Jennifer Green, Christina O'Reilly  (an excellent first contribution) and Ken Orford.


Dreaming Brian Williams U
A journalist tries to find out who killed his friend.

Rolex Ken Orford PG
An unidentified body turns up, and the only clue for DI Jennifer Jones and her team is the victim's watch

Open and Shut Ken Orford PG
JJ and Jackson's second case seems on the surface to be very straight forward. But things aren't that simple…

Close To Home Ken Orford PG
Terry Jackson can't quite believe where his murder investigations are leading him

Looking For Mr Wright Kate Hawkins PG
Gina's Amateur Private detective career moves on as she helps another friend

Things That Go Bump Ken Orford PG
A single mother living alone hears noises downstairs …


The Shame Brian Williams PG
The harrowing story of a war widow 

For The Record Brian Williams U
An old lady talks about the difficulties of living under an occupying army …

The Silver Cigarette Case Ken Orford PG
A small item proves to be of huge significance to a family.


Thoughts From A Sickbed Helen Henley U
I can see the headline in the local paper, ‘Woman with two cats dies alone in apartment’.

Peace and Quiet Helen Henley U
Convalescing in the country may not be quite what it seems ...


Another Blind Date Ken Orford U
A man reluctantly agrees to try another blind date set up by his friend's girlfriend

A Promising Acting Career Ken Orford 15
A young LSA is in financial difficulties, and faces a tough decision

Best Served Cold Ken Orford 15
An attractive woman at a conference is a link to an unhappy past for a lecturer.

Decisions, Decisions Ken Orford 15
A perfect day is ruined by an overheard phone conversation

Lightning Never Strikes Twice Ken Orford 15
A young woman is worried about her mother psychological problems

The Loft Weekend Ken Orford 15
A secret is only a secret until it's discovered.

Mum's Diary Ken Orford U
Three sisters find out something about their mother that shocks them

A Friend In Need Kate Hawkins 15
When Gina's best friend has marriage problems, she turns detective to help out

Picture Imperfect Ken Orford 15
A photograph threatens to ruin a young woman's relationship with her boyfriend

Relative Values Ken Orford U
A woman and her Aunt have a close relationship

School Reunion 1 - David and Suzanne Ken Orford PG

The first in a series of stories about a school reunion. Suzanne is worried David will dump her for an old flame.

School Reunion 2 - Amanda's Secret Ken Orford PG

A teenager sees her mother's school reunion as an opportunity.

Speed Date Ralph Booth 15
Having ditched her boyfriend, a young woman tries to find a new love

Soul Mates
Ken Orford U
Two friends share a common history. 

The Scene Brian Williams U
Christmas Eve Mass doesn't go as expected for a wife.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time
Brian Williams U
He only popped out for a pint of milk. 


And Baby Makes Three Ken Orford 15
A young husband struggles to get some passion back into his marriage after their first child arrives.

Catalyst Jennifer Green 15
A middle aged woman finds an unusual catalyst that triggers her to get some passion back into her life

Five Days Jennifer Green 15
Two people meet and fall for each other only a few days before they will be separated by 10,000 miles.

Flight Or Fight Ken Orford 15
An Air Hostess and her Pilot fiancée try to sort out a difference of opinion on a trans-Atlantic flight.

Ruby Ken Orford 15
A housewife goes out alone on a Saturday night

The Note Ken Orford 15
A hitch-hiker and the driver who picks him up develop an instant rapport - with surprising results

The Stage Whisper Jennifer Green U
Sparks fly at a business meeting, then an overhead comment takes things to another level.

Truisms Jennifer Green 15
Sometimes things are obvious to everyone, apart from the individuals involved. The truth is right underneath a car salesman's nose, but can he see it?

Rendezvous At Liberty Bridge Ken Orford U
A man has to keep a rendezvous in Budapest for his dead uncle.

Wedding Bells, Alarm Bells Jennifer Green PG
Everyone has doubts before they get married, don't they? A young groom's doubts are multiplied after an encounter on his stag weekend.


Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds Ken Orford U
Based on the Beatles' Sergeant Pepper song. Spot the references to the lyrics and judge for yourself how it's woven into a Sci Fi adventure - with a twist.

A Sound Like Distant Thunder Brian Williams U
An alarming discovery at a local historic site.

The Postman Ken Orford U
How a Postman from Woking became the President of a united Earth. An optimistic story of how the future could be if mankind could just grow up.


The Gamble Ken Orford U
The FA Cup Final is a dream come true for a lower division journey-man footballer. But he has a secret…

No Game For Girls Ken Orford U
A school PE teacher is taught a lesson.

Oscar's Legacy
Ken Orford
A thought provoking Olympic story


Mile High Ken Orford 18
Who is the elegantly dressed woman who is whisked through First Class check-in and Passport Control?


Selected Poems 1 AJ McBride U
Familiar, touching and funny poems from the site's first poet.


The Fundamentals Ken Orford U
A God fearing family sit down to dinner

Zimbabwe Sunset Ken Orford U
A white Zimbabwean farm owner and one of his workers share a drink on the veranda.

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