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Ken Orford

Modern Fiction


This is the first piece in a series of linked stories by several different authors. This very short piece sets the scene. If you want to find out more about Six Degrees of Separation, its link to Kevin Bacon, and some of the experiments that have been made, just Google or Wiki it. 

From: Dave Benson
To: Facebook Friends List
Subject: Six Degrees Experiment

This mail is going to all my Facebook friends. It is an experiment to see if "Six Degrees" works. The theory is that anyone on the planet can get to anyone else through just SIX people. You know someone, who knows someone, who knows someone etc. (For more information, just type "Six degrees" into Wiki).

This is an experiment to see if it works.

I have an old girlfriend who is a Maths teacher called Janet Mason. Janet was born and went to school in Birmingham, but now lives in Brisbane, Australia. Her maiden name was Irvine, and she went to University in London at Westfield College in the mid 80’s. Your objective is to get an e-mail to Janet through a series of friends.

You can forward this e-mail to ONE of your friends, asking them to forward it to one of their friends etc. Hopefully, eventually, someone will get an email to Janet. But the person that sends her that final e-mail MUST ACTUALLY KNOW her.

If the e-mail trail runs dry, then you can send the e-mail to another friend and try again. But each recipient can only have ONE e-mail trail active at a time (otherwise it turns into a ridiculous chain letter). Good luck - of course, if you don't want to do this you don't have to! But if you do - thanks



  Six Degrees 1: Oliver and Martin

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