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AJ McBride



Living the Cliché

Sit here wondering
How could I be so stupid
Wasn’t meant to be like this
Following the path of Cupid

Got the house, the postcode
Beams, floors & antique doors

Tick all the boxes
Have the great job
Strive, work, gym, train, work
Work overtime, remember to hob nob
Fantastic! its all Mine Mine Mine

Dinner for one
Mmmm I’m eating my words: chewing my decision
Running on empty, but hey keep smiling
Smile:  yep, there’s a hole in my soul

Is anyone out there: is anyone alive?
Knowing I chose this doesn’t help
They think I’m fucking sorted
I got it all, yes
Fantastic, its all Mine Mine Mine

I’m living the dream
Thanks a million, Cupid


Party On

Best of Intentions
Worst of Times

Loads of Friends
Still having to pretend

Get some sunlight
Nope, still feel like shite

Follow your heart?
I’m back to the start

Choices choices
Analysis Paralysis
My mother’s voices
She needs Analysis

40 years in the making
To get to this point
40 years to go……..
Party on



Silver silhouette
Still & silent
Trees are missing joy
Gone down with the sun

Cold yet beautiful
Wonder of the world
Nature’s leading me
Somewhere I’m resisting

Turn of the sun’s other mistress
Can’t have it all
There’s beauty in this desolation
I know it, but can’t live it

Songs will return
Till then my joy’s hibernating
Hold on to something
The trick is to keep breathing.  


Diary of Progress

Parties, boy-talk, Empties, Music
Fashion, study, exams, passion
Loves of my life, Trouble, strife
Sex & booze: Nothing to lose

Early rise, Glasgow Central
Aren’t workers dull & dour?!
Staff room gossip, clouds of smoke
Wasted lunchtimes, kill an hour
Learn a skill: “Whose first please?”
“Pay my bills”………………..time to leave

3. University
Culture Vulture, better prepare
After lectures going no where
Exams, past papers, missed seminars
“Copy your notes?” : cold stares

4. Telecoms
Create a debate, ponder, wonder
Rush & worry, not enough money
Mergers, goodbyes, start over again
Loves of my life, Trouble, strife
Sex & booze: Everything to lose  


Mikey – Ode to nephew

Funky monkey
Cheeky chops
Laughter giggles
Thrills & spills

Morning chats
Jokes and natter
Hopes & fears
So good to be near

Long long legs
I-pod & mobile
Girlfriends and fashion trends
Still my friend
Batting those eye lashes
Kills my heart!

Too far away!
What you up to today?
Horses & dreams
I smile with the thoughts of your future.   
:-)  xx



Quiet, abroad, an enigma
Constant traveller
Thought unraveller

Whispered secrets,
Darkness & fear
Suddenly just us 3
How did we get here?

Trips to Irvine
Quiet and sad
Don’t think too much
We’ll all go mad

Second chances
Hopes and joy
Turns to dust: too good to be true
Pain returns: my hearts breaks for you

Light of my life
Can hurt me so much
I just want you
To keep in touch

Hugs and Shrugs – Ode to a Philanderer!

Arms envelope
Dreams develop
Deep breath, hold tight
Future gonna be so bright

“Can I stay over”
(Am I a walk-over?)
“Yes stay at mine”
Come and go……time after time

Doubts creep in
Trouble sleepin'
Permanent part-time
Can’t see this from above

Sunshine turns to cloud
Never discussed out loud
Sure, next month he’ll be free
And realise he wants just me

© AJ McBride, 2010

©, 2010