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Ken Orford was born in the north of England, though he has spent all of his working life in London and the south. During his thirty odd years in IT and Telecommunications he has written many proposals, product plans, business plans, reports, speeches and brochures. However, he has only recently started writing fiction, although it has been said some of his Business Plans came pretty close.


Ken skiing at Breckenridge, March 2007

His first love in reading was Science Fiction – especially the works of Arthur C. Clarke and Larry Niven, though lately Jack McDevitt's books have become firm favourites. Favourite authors from other genres include Michael Dibdin, David Mitchell, Jeffery Deaver and of course, Philip Pullman.


His interests, in addition to writing, are skiing, cricket (coaching and playing), watching Reading FC and Ceroc dancing. He has a wife, who is his best proof reader and critic, and three grown up children.

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