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Helen Henley describes literature as being the oldest profession because writing on cave walls predated sex, then still evolving and awaiting suitable guides, text books and chat-up lines. An unashamed fan of comedy, she believes modern fiction takes itself far too seriously. So she tries to inject humour, parody and satire into her stories with varying degrees of success evinced by the growing pile of rejections. She has somehow managed to publish two books, had a number of her short stories appear in various magazines together with articles commissioned by editors who were deluded into thinking she is an expert on female erotica.

Helen henley

She has retired to live in rural England where she continues to write short stories, rude letters to politicians, prune her roses and polish her boots. She also likes exchanging emails on every subject with fellow scribes and tries to disabuse young writers who want to believe you can make a healthy and luxurious living out of the business. You can’t but it’s fun trying.

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